About Honyaku


We are not a typical agency, but a team of Freelance translators working together on projects.

Welcome to Honyaku-pro.com. In a world where the importance of translation services in all fields of industry is growing in step with economic globalization, we at Honyaku Professional Translation Services have expanded from our initial beginnings in language training, into a much needed affordable and quality translation services business.
We are an extension of a successful foreign language school specializing in English as a Second Language (ESL), with Indonesian and Japanese training and services. (www.libertyenglishschool.com).

We are "Human" Translators, not unreliable and sometimes inaccurate computer software translators.
All of our staff are bilingual or multilingual, college educated, native speakers, with years of experience in foreign language studies and work. All members are personally selected by manager and chief editor Matthew Plewes.

We are a native-to-native, team-based agency. We have two or more native language translators working together to ensure accurate and professional quality translations.
Example: Japanese to English translation, we would have a native Japanese and a native English translator working together, both being bilingual and fluent in each others language.

We are small but diligent. Our small size allows us to give personal attention to our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction.
We are located in Shizuoka, Japan, but now do online work for companies anywhere in the world. Because we are online-based, we can keep our overhead cost low and pass the savings to our customers with lower fees than most translation agencies.

We translate basic business homepages, personal letters, business emails, restaurant menus, booklets, brochures and more. (We translate content only. We do not make, print or publish materials - brochures, newsletters, etc.)


Like doctors, corporate executives and even priests - translators adhere to a code of confidentiality. Sometimes, they are asked to translate sensitive business or personal materials that are confidential or private. All of our customers information and content are kept 100% confidential. You need to know that you can trust your translator or translators not to show or discuss your private business with anybody.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a growing business, with new, yet trained translators working together. We do basic translations only. We do not currently do technical or advanced translations. If you are not satisfied with our translation, we will adjust it to meet your needs, at no extra charge. If you are still not happy, no charge!

Rates for Translation

Tax included.

BASIC SERVICE - ¥3 - ¥10 a word (Short Service - emails, etc.)
PROFESSIONAL SERVICE - ¥10 - ¥15 a word - (Specialty English)
BUSINESS - TO - BUSINESS - ¥3 - ¥8 a word (Contracted / Regular Service)
FAST SERVICE - ¥10 - ¥30 a word (48 hours up to 1500 words)
Note: The above price variations; Japanese to English is priced higher than
English to Japanese. Also, type of English, size of order and due date impact fees.